Stellar Engage is an AI driven customer engagement solution independently managed to meet the unique needs of an enterprise. The solution is built on top of a reliable, scalable, and cloud-based service which incorporates data security while managing and analyzing customer information to enhance your decision making.


  • Costs savings of up to 70% on licensing and equipment
  • Simple scalability to meet unpredictable demands
  • Support for both chat and voice
  • Skill based call routing that drives efficiency, performance, and cost savings
  • CRM integrated solution that provides a summary of the previous call, improving efficiency
  • Powerful call analytics (Tailored to your business)
  • AI/ML advanced analytics that allow for data driven decisions
    • Trend Analytics
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Linguistic Analysis
  • Pay as you go

Advanced Analytics

Stellar Engage includes a business intelligence module managed through an interactive dashboard. This dashboard is a modern, high quality visual tool that provides a range of detailed analytics (derived from Natural Language Processing) into agent utilization, performance, and customer experience including response time and satisfaction.

The dashboard provides various call analytics for the supervisors to monitor the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of the services.

Stellar Engage uses deep learning-based NLP models and computational linguistics techniques to create an intelligent workflow for parsing, entity recognition, topic extraction, part-of-speech tagging, and sentiment analysis.

This unique technique allows the system to learn, analyze, and understand human language allowing for call classification and sentiment analysis. Over time, as more data is collected, this technique enables higher degrees of accuracy.

How It Works

Infrastructure and Access

Stellar Engage uses Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and customized prompts to understand the purpose of the call. Once the purpose of the call is determined, the Stellar Engage rule-based call flow engine uses an Automated Call Distributor (“ACD”) to allow for skill-based routing.

All calls and conversation between the customer and call agents are recorded, and the audio files of these recordings are stored on the Amazon S3. The Audio files are then converted into text files for Natural Language Processing (NLP). Our proprietary AI analytics extracts the topics spoken about during the conversation and performs sentiment analysis and classifications for each of the extracted topics. The diagram shows the flow of the entire call from the time it is received by the agent to analysis to the display of analytics on the dashboard.

Customer Call Flow

Stellar Engage enables customer-focused AI-powered call-routing solutions. The solutions process begins when NLP technology determines the caller’s intent and uses that determination to route the caller to the right agent, right away. This solution provides a very flexible platform to define the customer’s call flow. This call flow is defined through what Stellar Engage describes as “building and connecting the blocks.” Each block represents a specific function that a business may require from a customer engagement solution. Stellar Engage’s solution uses the following five blocks to define the flow:

  • Set working queue. When the call comes in, this block assigns it to the Basic Queue.
  • Check hours of operation. This block checks whether the call has arrived when the queue is operating.
  • Transfer to queue. This block transfers the contact to the Basic Queue.
  • Play prompt. This block plays a message "Thank you for calling, we are not able to take your call right now" when the following interruptions are presented:
    • The queue is not open for business,
    • There is an error, or
    • if the queue is at capacity.
  • Disconnect/hang up. Every flow ends with this block.

Analytics Displayed on Dashboard